Artistic creation is a way

of producing dialogue 

and formulating questions, allowing time for reflection, time to imagine concrete utopias, to synchronize with a present  which is turbulent, but still full of potential for the future.

is a multiform, three-dimensional



ancient, modern and contemporary

art works co-exist.

A concrete and abstract place

where it’s possible to recreate artistic, social

and economic thought.

As refined and precious as a pearl, born from the great passion of  artist, visionary architect and urban planner Gianfranco Quarti’Perla for the study, research and collecting of ancient, modern and contemporary works of art, the PEARL ART Collection is currently housed in the aristocratic Palazzo Terzi in Bergamo.

The Collection includes artworks ranging from Chinese sculptures from the 25th Century BC, to a collection of almoners from the 15th Century, to paintings from the 19th Century and to contemporary experimental works.

The PEARL ART Collection is currently aiming to increase and enrich the field of contemporary art, by including in its collection works by artists who play an important role as regards reflection, through different visual techniques, on the complex issues of contemporary life. 

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