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Sabbia and Pepita

Contact with different cultural, professional, political, business and financial aspects of contemporary society, interest in a wide range of social fields, critical analysis of the dynamics of the present day.

All these mean, for architect | GfQ, a continuous stimulus in reaching important, complex and dynamic goals.

Challenging studies of social-economic-employment development systems based on human values ​​and equity, with the consequent achievement of concrete results, allows architect | GfQ to express and realize his philosophy of life, which combines three concepts:  being – having - appearing (the latter only when necessary).

An analysis of the most varied development theories and the processing of visionary perspectives, based however on concrete reality in a sustainable integrated economy, are the basis of his philosophy.

Social life implies the pleasure of observation aimed at knowledge and a positive and productive relationship with the developments taking place in society.

Listening to the noise of human silence in order to understand anxieties and expectations, a lack of interest in the superfluous and “ seizing the day “ summarize the personal philosophy of architect | GfQ


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